DIY Concrete lamp
I got this great idea for pimping my old Ikea lamp from Pinterest and I wanted to try it myself. A concrete lamp above the girl’s desks would be a perfect match with the new style they now have there, but I was afraid of buying one completely made out of concrete because it properly would be too heavy for our celling.

The lamp that I have from Ikea is very light of weight and only need a thin layer of concrete all over so I imagine that it would be an easy project to do.

I must admit that I have never worked with concrete before. You see a lot of great DIY’s everywhere with concrete and I have for a while wanted to try different thing out with that material and this will be my first project.

This is what you need for making your own DIY Concrete lamp.

  • Lamp
  • Bag of concrete
  • Bucket
  • Sandpaper
  • Water

This is what you do for your DIY Concrete lamp.

First of all, you need to sandpaper the lamp all over so the concrete will stick to the lamp. You can after the sandpapering also choose to add a special primer for concrete on the lamp to be surer of your result. I skipped that product in the hope that I could save some money and still get a reasonable result.

Then mix the concrete with water until you get a consistency that is not too liquid or too thick. Just in between! (I thought at first that I would fill the whole bucket with liquid concrete and then dip my lamp into it, but I realized that I then need to use a lot of the mixture and there would then be a lot left for nothing)

Instead, I decided to mix a little bit and then pour the concrete over the lamp with a cup. (Don’t forget to do the inside as well)

When the concrete starts to dry and you feel that it stick to the lamp you can gently move your hand over the concrete to remove all the rough grains that you see. When the concrete is dry you see that it has turned much lighter and now you can try to sandpaper the concrete if you want a smoother result. Be careful though because the concrete easily fall of close to the edge. Imperfection on a concrete lamp is actually in my eyes much nicer, but it must not be too much of course.

After sandpapering I decided to give the lamp another layer close to the bottom edge because too much fell of while sandpapering. Inside the second layer, unfortunately, turned out a bit darker in colour on the edge, so I decided to paint the inside of the lamp white. That would also give a much better and brighter light.

Sandpaper the lamp gently again until you get the result you like.

This is then my final result.


I must admit that there were more work to it than I thought, but I am very happy with the result and the girls love it as well and are also very happy to have light above their table in the evening.



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