I love to recycle old stuff and give it a new life, and I specially have a weakness for wooden blocks.
I don’t know why? but you can do so many different things with them.
I will here give you a description for a DIY Memory game that you can easily make yourself.

All you need is for this DIY Memory:
Wooden blocks ( very easy to find in the second hand shops) Important is to look for the same shape, otherwise the game will be too easy.
Paper in different colours (paper with a lot of different patterns and pictures will make it more fun and colourful) Think about using old magazines and leftovers from wallpaper. Try to use what you already have at home.
A scissors or a hobby knife
Glue (for paper)
A little punch. You can use any form you like. You can also easily cut a form yourself

This is what you do:
Start with cutting pairs of almost identical patterns in the shape of your block. I did not have total identical pictures but it’s still easy to see which ones belong together. It makes the challenge a little bigger to find the right ones. (You can choose to make a stencil to get the same form every time)

Then glue the paper onto the blocks.

Choose a form for the front of the blocks. Easy is to use a little punch. I here used a star cut out of some old wallpaper leftovers.

Glue them to the other side of the blocks and you are actually already done with your DIY Memory.

Have fun a be creative with what you use. Make it special!

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