Easter candlelight DIY

In some countries, the Easter holiday has already started, but here in Holland we first really celebrate it Sunday, the first Easter day and Monday, the second Easter day. That also means that I am still busy preparing small things for our coming Easter weekend.

Yesterday I made these two very easy candlelight. I love the simplicity of them!

The first one is very simple. It’s an empty eggshell with a tea light in. I placed it in a small tea light candlestick made out of concrete. You can also choose to put some moss around the candlestick to create the idea of a little bird nest, but this time I like to keep them simple because I make the second idea look more like a nest.
This candlelight is made from an old kitchen jar. I started with placing some thick metal wire on the top of the jar to make a handle. Then I used some thin flower wire to fasten dry moss and blossom branches around the jar. I also placed a little bird and some Easter plastic eggs to finish it off with. Inside the jar, I have a little bit of sand in the bottom and a tea light. In one jar I also placed some extra small eggs for the fun.

For very little money you can easily create a little bit of Easterambiencee. It doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Next to that I also treasure these things much more when I make them myself.

I was wondering if you also like to make your own decoration now and then?



    • Marianne Norup Reply

      Hoi Jeanette, Voor ‘doe het zelf’rs’ is het niet altijd makkelijk om tijd vrij te maken voor alles wat we graag willen doen. Hoeft trouwens ook niet. Ik kan ook genieten van gekochte dingen.
      Jij ook een fijne paasweekend.

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