Easy recycle Christmas garland

December has arrived and I want to share with you my easy recycle Christmas garland I just have made for our living room here for Christmas.

Even though I haven’t started decorating our home for Christmas yet (because we wait until Sinterklaas has left the country again) I have started preparing a few things like this soft recycled garland.

Christmas garland decoration

Christmas decoration

The last month the shops all around have become more and more full of all kind of things for Christmas and I must admit, a lot of it is not really my style. It’s just too glittery for me to have hanging for a month here at home. Don’t get me wrong now. I love to make our home cosy for Christmas and I love all the traditions it brings as well, but it has to fit to our style and not look like a circus or something that I am not.

When you look at Christmas decoration you have all kind of styles, just like you have in an interior. My style for Christmas is very natural and green. I prefer decoration made out of wood or with natural materials and colours. Next to that I prefer to hang or place a lot of green branches, which also give a nice scent to the room as well. I also like to make some of my Christmas decoration myself to give it an extra personal touch.

This garland is a perfect example of a Christmas decoration made out of natural materials and natural colours and all for free!! How good is that? As you may know, I love to reuse things which I do not use any longer. Some things I store in my studio if I think that the material could be something I would reuse, but I am not that kind of person who can’t throw anything away.

How to make this Christmas garland

For this garland I have been using 3 different kinds of clothes; a knitted vest, a skirt from soft velvet and a pair of jeans which I already had shortened but wasn’t happy with. Next to that, I found a few pieces of fabric leftovers which I used as well.

You start with deciding what size you want the flags to be in. I have here chosen to make them in the size 6cm x 10cm which means that when you fold them they will be 6cm x 5cm. This is a quite small size but you can easily make them bigger. That is all up to you.

Start by cutting a lot of each fabric so you know that you will have enough for a whole garland. Don’t forget to think about how long you want the garland to be. That’s important for knowing how many pieces you will need to cut. This garland is about 3 meters and I cut about 20 peaces of each fabric which was more than enough.

fabric diamants

After you have cut all the pieces you measure up a string of rope and start cluing the diamonds together by folding them over the rope. You have all kinds of glue you can use. I used a cheap hobby glue which worked for fabric as well.

Let the garland dry and then cut the edges of the small flags so you get a neat garland. A good tip is to iron the garland when it’s totally dry. The flags do seem to bend to different angels when dry and with an iron, you get them straight again.

Christmas garland decoration

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