From a mum to her daughters

It is only a couple of month ago I closed my webshop with maternity gifts I had designed myself. Almost everything is sold, but I have saved a few special things, which actually never came in production. I still love the design very much and have decided to keep the last few products for my two daughters when (I hoop) they get their own children. I think that it could be something special for them to receive when they become a mum like me.

Today I packed it all carefully in strong plastic bags. I am going to store it in the attic until one of my daughters come and tell me that I am going to be a grandma. At the moment I can’t imagine me as a grandma yet. They are only 10 and 12 years old. But I do hope that I one day will get that experience to be a grandma as well as a mother. Becoming a mother was so special to me and I love every bit of it. I hope that my girls get the same opportunity, but you never know how things go?

Saving other things

Next to the products that I have designed myself, I have also kept other special things for our girls, such as their first clothes and cuddles. Some toy and I have the bed they were sleeping in. That was the same bed as I was sleeping in when I was a very little girl. The bed design comes from Denmark and was 12 years ago not to be found here in Holland. Today I have seen exactly the same model as new here in Holland in different colours. Great design always come back again.

If you are a mum like me? Are you also saving things for your children and what kind of things are you saving or do you want to save? Maybe you are saving everything? I make a selection. I do not have the space to save it all and I do not think that it will be so special if you do so.


  1. Marianne Norup Reply

    Hoi Jeanette, Leuk om te horen dat jij ook dingen bewaard. Ik weet nog zo goed toen ik mijn eerste dochter kreeg en thuis bij mijn moeder allerlei oude spullen en kleertjes van mijn babytijd vond. Het was zo leuk om die een nieuwe leven te geven.

  2. Leuk om een paar dingen die je zelf hebt ontworpen te bewaren voor je dochters. Ik maak ook een selectie van de dingen die ik bewaar, voor alles is geen ruimte. Wat kleertjes, schriftjes en speelgoed. Ha’en god dag!

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