This post today is about how I have to adjust here at home when everything around me is different.

The Corornacrisis! Everywhere around us people get sick with Corona and a lot of people are unfortunately also dying off it. Therefore we have all been advised to stay at home as much as possible trying to avoid contact with other people. We need to slow down the virus.

That means, that children can’t go to school and instead gets lessons at home from their parents or fx. on Zoom or google hangout.

People who can work at home fx with a computer, they stay at home as well, and all social activities all around are canceled at least until the 1st of June.

These are just some of the things that have changed for a while for all of us. There are many other things which we have to do differently. Today I want to concentrate my post about our home situation. What has changed here at home and how we deal with it.

Being a home mum

As you might know, I have been a home mum for years now. More precisely 11 years. In all that time I have also had my own company/webshop which gave me distraction and kept me busy.

  • I have been used to being my own boss here at home.
  • I have been here for the girls every day and was able to quickly swift from one thing to another if necessary.
  • I have been loving it every single minute of it. 

…….and today I am still a home mum, but now everybody is home because of the virus and it feels different.

Different in a way that I find difficult to describe, but I will try to explain anyway.

My girls

My girls; Alieke and Emmelie are both in high school and are used to working very independently with their homework. Now and then they come with some questions and need a little bit of help, but they handle it mostly themselves. That has changed at the moment.

Alieke the oldest is doing alright and is still taking care of all the things she needs to do for school.

Emmelie needs some more help and guidance. That means that I have to help her quite a lot with some things. It gives a lot of confrontations between us because she finds it difficult to get advice from me about school. I really need to take my time with her because she needs guidance and stability. She is out of her daily routine which for her was very important.

Michiel's room

My husband

My dear husband Michiel is also working at home for the last couple of days. I must admit I do not have much trouble with that. He is sitting with his computer and telephone from work in the smallest room in the house and just working. He is quite a lot on the phone so we need to keep our voice a bit lower when we are close to that room, but that is oke.


I have been used to having several projects which I am working on when everybody is away to school or work.

A project could be blogging, cooking, gardening or fx. sewing costumes for the theater where Alieke is taking dance and acting lessons. I try to help where I am needed with things that I love to do.

Funny enough I also just started with some letters of application for finding a job for a couple of days during the week. I thought I was ready to get a job again now the girls are more grownup and being so independent. But that was going to be a very wrong moment with everything closing down for the Coronavirus.

I now know that I am more needed here at home again. I have to be the one that makes sure everybody else here at home can do his or her thing. Now.. It doesn’t mean that there is no time for myself. It’s not that I am now complaining about putting myself aside. Not at all!!

As I said earlier. I love being a home mum and the flexibility that comes with it. But it is not always easy to find a balance with everything and everybody.

Another funny/different/strange thing that I have noticed the last week, is that the girls and Michiel kind of lock themselves up in their rooms.

The doors are very often closed with an invisible sign that says ‘Do not disturb!

I get that! I really do and respect that. But I don’t have a closed-door!

I do have my own creative room as I showed you here. But I don’t have any unwritten rules here or anywhere else in the house.

That is also the way that I like it and want it. But walking around the house all day with closed doors here and there is just different and makes me feel like living in a smaller house. Do you get what I mean?

New plans

The Coronavirus and isolation here at home also means that I need to adjust my plans. As I said, a new job is out of the question at the moment I think. So I need to find something here at home that can keep me busy next to being a mum and a housewife.

Blog simplecolorful

In the last couple of years, I have really tried to catch up with this blog. But, unfortunately, I got caught up every time with something else or I wasn’t inspired enough to share it here. Now I want to give it another try. I think a blog can give me so much more than just creativity. It could also give me some social contact with you as a reader. I would love to get more followers here and a lot of comments. Under each post, there is room for leaving a comment. You don’t have to sign in anywhere or obligate you to anything you don’t want to. In a time like this, it’s just nice to get some extra contact and new stories, so please help me by writing your first comment here below.

Have a beautiful day.


  1. Hej Marianne, eindelijk lukt het om je blog te lezen via Bloglovin. Ja, wat een onwerkelijke tijd leven we in, hè. Fijn dat het tot nu toe allemaal lukt, met de meisjes voor het schoolwerk en je man kan ook verder met z’n werk. Hier werkt mijn man ook thuis, en is ook veel aan het bellen met collega’s. Ik werk altijd al thuis, dus daar verandert niet veel aan. Onze kinderen wonen allemaal op zichzelf, en ook daar zijn de nodige veranderingen. De ene werkt ook thuis, en fietst tussendoor soms even naar het bedrijf om iets te testen. De volgende zou bijna weer moeten gaan varen, maar dat wordt lastig, want je mag bijna nergens het land in om aan boord te gaan, we wachten het af hoe dat verder gaat. En dochter doet presentaties en tentamens via Skype, ook heel bijzonder. Nu ga ik proberen nog wat oude blogberichten bij te lezen. #altblivergodtigen #staysafe #weeslief #hygge

    • Marianne Norup Reply

      Hoi Jeanette, mijn trouwe lezer! Altijd leuk om weer iets van je te horen. Ik weet dat er hier en daar wat problemen zijn met de links van mijn blog en ik kom helaas niet achter waaraan het ligt. Gelukkig is het je nu wel gelukt om te lezen via blogloving.
      Ook fijn om te horen dat alles bij jullie redelijk soepel loopt onlangs de onwerkelijke situatie.
      Fijne avond verder.

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