How my daughter Alieke redecorated her own room.

Today I want to show you how my daughter Alieke redecorated her own room about 4 month ago.

Alieke in her room

Introduction Alieke

Before I show you how she redecorated her own room, I first want to give you a little introduction to her if you don’t know her in person.

Alieke is 15 years and is a very happy and easy-going girl. She knows what she want’s and definitely has her own opinion and taste about a lot. Next to that she is very creative in many different ways.

  • She is creative with her hands which means that she often likes to change and make her own clothes (take a look here).
  • She loves music and making music as well.
  • She taught herself to play the ukelele and the piano and she is busy with writing her own songs.
  • She loves to dance. She has been dancing since the age of 3. She has been dancing all different kinds of dance but I think that ballet and modern dance are her favorites. 
  • She loves acting and is a member of a musical association.

Next to that, she also often get new ideas for her room and want to change it now and then. Many times we have to hold back her ideas because we are the ones who have to pay for it all and carry out her ideas. And as you can imagine that’s not possible every half year. But we also understand that she quite quickly is getting more and more mature and her room needs to change together with her as far as it’s possible.

As a result of spending a lot of time on Pinterest, she came up with the following ideas for her room.

Platform bed by the window with a yellow blanket and cushions

Platform bed

The most important thing for her was a new bigger bed. I must admit she has for a long time been dreaming about a platform bed with storage underneath and she wanted it to be next to the window.

We were not that fun of the idea to place her bed next to the window because of the cold that comes from the glass in the winter. But she was not to be convinced about that. She loves to sit by her window with headphones on and just look out and around and with a bed there it would make it so much more chill and comfortable that it would change her life.

Because of her perseverance, we agreed and started to measure up her room and Michiel made a plan on how to build the platform bed.

That to say! I have to take my words back. It turned out so amazing and really looks great.

Having it next to a window hasn’t been a problem for her at all. In fact, she now sleeps with the curtains open every night. She loves to be able to watch the stars or whatever moves around out there.

It’s like she almost lives on this bed. She does everything there. Even her homework! Though she must admit that that is better to do at her desk for the best concentration.

White desk with shelves above

More creativity

Just another little example of Alieke’s creativity. She wanted to buy new shoes but couldn’t find any she likes at a reasonable price. So she bought these Adidas shoes all white and painted the stripes herself and replaced the shoelaces for a minty color. Job done!

Alieke with her ukelele on her head

But back to her music and the love and pasion she has by playing and singing her own music.

She now has two different ukeleles and one guitar. The piano in her room is actually ours but she was allowed to have it in her room because of the lockdown at the moment. It normally stands in Michiel’s music room (he is a musician in his spare time), but he is working at home at the moment because of the Corona crisis and then she couldn’t play that much.

Alieke playing the piano

The closet walls she of course also painted her selves. And the old records she bought in a second hand shop.


Finally I was allowed to give you a little preview on her own written song. The song is not finished yet, but I am so proud of her and wanted to shared a little bit with you. So here is….

Have a nice day!!


  1. Jeanette Renting Reply

    Smukke, smukke Alieke. Jeg bliver rørt af hendes sang.

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