How to make a yoga bolster

Do you want to know how to make a yoga bolster for at home? Then take a look here and see how I did it and why I decided to make my own yoga bolster?

Here in Holland we are still dealing with the coronavirus and have to stay at home as much as possible. Many of us miss out on sports lessons and other activities we normally do in our spare time. I use to have a yoga lesson once a week and I really miss that lesson. For 2 years now I have been doing yoga and it has really helped me get my body fitter and more flexible. I don’t want to lose that so I decided to do different exercises here at home instead, but I was struggling with how to do it.

First I tried with yoga instructors from YouTube. But it was difficult to find a good place in front of the tv where I could see the exercises good. Next to that. Most of the time, they did the exercises too fast for me or I had to watch all the time if they had moved on to the next exercise or not. It took the concentration of my exercises to fast and it didn’t feel good.

Instead I decided to print out different kinds of exercises I already knew. On Pinterest, you can find so many different poses and exercises with great illustrations. When you have experience with Yoga you easily recognize them and know what to do.

But for some of the exercises, you need some extra equipment like fx. a bolster. I didn’t have that. The Yoga studio has been very kind to lend out bolsters or other things to us. But I wanted to have my own.

Therefore I decided to make my own bolster.

Luckily I have a lot of fabric and materials here at home. It would be silly to buy new when I can use what I have or recycle things. Next to that, it will be a great new project for me to do and share here on the blog. Maybe you think the same and want to make one as well. To make it easier for you to take that step. I here give you the instructions on how to make a yoga bolster.

Start with choosing a fabric you might already have at home. Make sure that the fabric is not to loose or thin. It has to be strong enough to hold a tight filling. Plus it should be able to take some friction when you moving around on it.

Blue fabric together with atlas fabric. 
scissor and measuring tape

When you have chosen your fabric it’s time to start with your pattern.
(It’s not difficult to make yourself)

The first thing you need to do is to decide what size the bolster should be. When I looked at the standard sizes of a bolster. They are mostly around 20 cm in diameter. But I also found a lot with 25 cm in diameter. Therefore when you make one yourself, it’s wise to make the size of the bolster fit your body. Depending on how big you are or how long your back is you can adjust the thickness and the length of the bolster.

I am 176 cm tall and like to have a bigger bolster under my back, therefore I decided to make it 25 cm in diameter.

Pattern (round ends)

    • I started drawing a line which was 25 cm long.
    • Halfway the line I made a 90-degree crossline exactly the same length
    • Between those two lines I filled in more lines with the same length.
    • Connect all the lines together.
    • Cut it out.
    • Measure the size of the circle with a measuring tape like on the third picture and this will be the width of the following pattern.

  • making circle pattern yoga bolster
  • making circle pattern yoga bolster
  • measuring circle pattern yoga bolster

The main pattern

  • Start with drawing the length of the bolster. Here standard 60 cm.
  • Then draw half of the width (that is only to save paper. Otherwise the pattern will be quite big)
  • Nb. Make sure you place that side to a folded fabric line
Pattern yoga bolster.

On a lot of bolsters you will see a strip at both ends, which you can use when you grap or move the bolster. I desided to ad one as well to my bolster.  You can make it in the size you want. I here made it 25 cm x 10 cm.

Patterns yoga bolster

Place the pattern on your fabric and cut it out with an extra centimeter all around.
Nb. Don’t forget to place the big pattern against a folded line! See the second picture here below.

This is what your fabric looks like when you have cut it.

Cutting blue fabric

Sewing instructions

  • Start with locking the fabric all around the edges. You can also use a zigzag if you don’t have a lock machine.
  • Then measure up where to place your zipper and leave that space open. The rest you will sew.
  • With an iron press the seams away from each other.
  • Place the zipper to the back of the seams and stitch it close to the zipper line.
  • Blue fabric in the overlock machine
  • Zipper on blue fabric
  • press seams with iron
  • Stitching zipper on fabric
  • Lock or zigzag the edges of the circle’s.
  • Fold the strips together.
  • Stitch and lock or zigzag the strips together.
Atlas  fabric

Sew the circle ends together with the strip in between.

Blue yoga bolster cover

The filling

Now it’s time for the filling of your bolster.

There is a lot of different ways to fill the cushion. You can roll up some blankets or towels together. Or you can cut up old t-shirts or fabrics and use them as stuffing. The most important thing is that the filling is not too soft. It will then easily become a poor and thin cushion instead of a steady yoga bolster.

I decided to make a combination of fillings. First I made a copy of the outside of the bolster. I used two layers of towels together with one layer of padding. That I filled with polyester filling and stuffed it really well.

The cushion is not that firm that it will keep it’s total shape when you lie on it, but it is quite steady and strong and give more than enough support. Only time will tell if this is a good solution and combination. 

Towel filling for a yoga bolster.

I am very happy with the result and can now continue with my own sessions here at home.

Yogabolster on yoga mat with a yoga belt

As I told you in the beginning I decided to print out different kinds of exercises I already knew.
This is the book that I have made. I can easily add more copies to it if I want to.

My yoga teacher also sends every week some new positions for us to practice and they are nice to have all together.


So as you can see. I now have no excuses for not doing my yoga every week. I do hope that this situation soon will end. It’s far cozier in the yoga studio together with all the other women.


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