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How to recycle old toy in a modern way

The last 1 1/2 years I have been working on a book. The book is about how to recycle your old toy in a modern way.

It was a long process of coming up with ideas and planning how to do it. Finding the materials and of course, convert the toy’s into something new. I didn’t really have a deadline, which meant that I could work without whenever I wanted. For me, it was a perfect combination of working and being a home mum.


But now the book is finally finished and I am so proud of the result. I have never imagined that I would make a book like this one. The name of the book is ‘Well Used” or ‘Leuk Gebruikt‘. In the book, you will find 20 different projects for a boy or a girl’s room. It comes with a step by step DIY on how you can turn old toy into something new.

Next to the DIY’s in the book, the book is filled with inspiring pictures. The pictures show how you can style it in a nursery or children’s room in a new simple way.

It’s has become a book with 170 pages full of inspiration and tips. Tips that will most likely give you a happy smile on your face because of the nice and unexpected makeovers.

What to expect

You are proberly wondering what exactly to expect from this book and I will try to explaine it a bit further.

Do you sometimes feel that it’s a shame to throw things away or give them away because they have a certain value to you? At the same time a voice in your head says “what are you going to do with it?”

In this book I will show you how to give old things a new life so that they become fun and original again.

New functions

The toy gets a whole new function such as a wooden pile crane become a sturdy lamp, playing cards become a garland and a breadbin an industrial cupboard. There are so many nice ways to give old stuff a new life and with this book I want to help you learn how to use your imagination and to look different at stuff that you might have wanted to throw away or have taken to the cycle.

Besides a lot of inspiration in this book, I also give a manual on how you can approach this step by step.

But how did this all come about to give old toys a new life?

The love for old toys really became clear to me at the moment I was pregnant with my first daughter.

When I told the news to my mother, she said that I should have a look in their attic. There she had a lot of toys and clothes from my own childhood and maybe there was something in between that I could use for my coming child?

I thought it was a great idea that I could pass on toys, that I had played with myself and clothing that I once had worn, to my own child.

The attic

The day that I went to see what my mother had saved was a kind of  ‘surprise moment’. What would come out of the boxes and bags? I had no idea!

My mother had saved quite a lot, and a lot of the clothes were still in reasonable condition (this also applied to some of the toys). Other toys looked so old and used that I knew that I did not want to give it to my children to play with, but I could not throw it away either.

Sentimental attachment

They somehow told me to take them with me home. For what purpose? I did not know at the time. It first came later when my daughter was born. I then got various ideas on how I could use the old toy in a new way.

Later the ideas went even further, and over the years I more and more realised how much fun it was to give old stuff a new life and that is exactly what I will try to show you through this book.

Old wooden toy, wooden blocks

Not for me

Now you may think that this is not for me. “I am not that creative,” or “I don’t think I can do this”

But most of the makeovers are actually very easy to do, and don’t forget that this book is about getting inspired and learning how to think differently with objects. You can easily receive a great result with less steps. Leave some artwork out, or reuse the toy in it’s more original state. When I get an idea and don’t know how exactly to make it, I live by the quote from Pippi:

I have never tried it before


The quote from Pippi sometimes bring me some funny arguments with my husband if I ask him to help me. He lives by another quote (which one I’m not quite sure haha). He alway’s first want to draw a plan, then calculate, then think it over twice or let it rest for a while before he finally starts to make it.

I am more impulsive and prefere just to jump into a project and see how it goes and how I can make it.


To give you another impression of how the DIY’s in the book looks like, I will show you here above one of the projects.

  • First, you see a picture of the old toy together with a little quote
  • Then you get two sets of spreads with inspiration pictures
  • And finally, you get the DIY in text and pictures + the materials you need for the project.

I hope you now have an idea of what my book is about, and if you are interested in buying the book you can choose an English version or a dutch one and you can buy them right here. They are downloadable and easy to open on any device you like. 

Note! it’s not a physical book but a digital one you can open on any device of your choice.

To buy the english book click here and for the dutch book click here.

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