Kitchen garden

From the first of March the season for the kitchen garden starts. That means that you can then already put some seeds into the soil and patient wait until something comes up. It doesn’t mean that you can put all kinds of seeds into the soil. For some it will be way too early and they wouldn’t survive. But there are quite a lot you can plant in March. I started with spinach, radish, rucola, carrots and peas and every 2-4 weeks you can add more and more different kinds of seeds.

Different kind of seed bags for the kitchen garden


I have been trying to grow my kitchen garden for a couple of years now with ups and downs. Last year I started growing my vegetables with a special system. I now have an app on my phone (de Makkelijke Moestuin). If you buy the special soil and seeds from them and follow the instructions step by step in their app, they guarantee that you will get great success with a lot of fresh vegetables from your garden.

It works very well and as they say; with this app, everybody can grow their kitchen garden with success if they follow the steps. Of course you can run into different complications depending on bugs, snails or fx. weather conditions, but overall it should be very easy to do.

Last year I had some ups and downs. All my different kinds of salad for instance didn’t come up or disappeared every time they got the chance to see the sunlight. There must have been some bugs in my soil which were fun of my salad seeds or the small plant of them.

What worked very well for me last year were the beans, the rocket, spinach, beetroot, palm cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and peas. I also use to have a lot of different kinds of herps, but those I mostly keep in pots next to my kitchen garden. Some herps like to spread all over like fx. the mint and by having them separately makes it easier to keep apart from other plants.

My kitchen garden

Kitchen garden with a fence all around.

As you can see in the picture above I have placed a fence around my kitchen garden. That is necessary because of my cat’s. I have two cats that love to dig and do their things in fresh soil. Not very good or healthy for my vegetables. That’s why my dear husband made this fence for me which is perfect to work with. It is made of loose parts that I can remove all around where ever I need to be.

I am very happy with it and it works perfectly. The cat’s don’t try to get in and I can move parts of the fence where ever needed.

Plants coming up

I am now 3-4 weeks busy with my kitchen garden and as you can see in the pictures above different kinds of seeds have transformed into small plants. Slowly, one by one they are coming out into the light and start to grow faster and faster.

It’s such a funny process to follow and I love the idea of growing your organic vegetable.


kitchen garden night cap

As long as there is still a chance for very cold nights or days, I have made this nightcap for my kitchen garden. It looks a bit silly but helps the seeds and plants to stay a bit warmer when the temperature is too low. In days with a lot of sun I take the cap off during the day and in the evening I put it back on for protection against cold nights.


These are some of my herbs that grow year after year or come back every year. Rosemary, Thyme, Mint oregano and lemon balm. Other herbs I need to plant again every year, like fx. basil and coriander.

Small garden

My garden with a n indoor picknick table, plants in pots and a big bamboe plant

Unfortunately here in Holland, it’s very difficult to get a big garden. Many of us have these small ‘stamps’ which we have to be very creative with. Luckily I love to be creative with small spaces and I am very happy how our garden has turned out after years of transformation. We try to use space as optimal as possible by creating different sets and areas.

A big tree is also a great way to create some contrast in the garden and shadow for warm days. We have an apple tree that has just been pruned this year. It was too big for our small garden, but luckily a neighbor could help us to prune it. Our olive tree I pruned myself and hope it will come back much fuller and greener this year.


The latest in my garden are these strawberry plants that I have places in hanging bags.

I use to have one or two strawberry plants which gave a couple of handful berries every year. Not really a lot. Therefore, I decided that this year I wanted a little bit more than that. But with a small garden, I was running out of space. I saw this idea on the internet and decided to give it a try. In the bags I have planted four different types of strawberry plants. I am really excited to see how they will grow and how many berries they will give. Luckily they are hanging on the sunniest wall in the garden so that should not be a problem.

Spring brings a lot of positivity in nature. Everything starts all over and I love to follow that process and take part in it. Helping it where I can to get the best results.

Do you like gardening as well or do you prefer to buy all your vegetables instead?

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