Today I want to show you my Leaf art made out of thread and nails.

I love crafting and especially all different kind of craft. Sometimes I get my own ideas and sometimes I just want to make something I have seen somewhere else. Like this Leaf art, I found on Pinterest right here.

I thought it looked amazing and wanted to try to make this leaf for a long time. Now I finally did, and I must admit that it was not as easy as I thought it would be. There were not much instruction by the pictures, but I thought it couldn’t be that difficult. Well… it wasn’t really difficult, it was more that I needed to do some things better and more carefully and I needed to take the time.

When I started I thought I would make it slightly different from the original. I love to make my own things personal and I started with different nails. Instead of gold nails painted white, I chose metal without paint. Too much trouble for me I thought! I like the metal look anyway together with the green.

The colour of the thread I changed a bit as well. Instead of using 2 tones of green. I chose to use dark green with black. I have a lot of black in my interior and thought it would be a nice contrast with the green.

What did I do:

  • First I copied the picture of the original nail leaf into Photoshop and printed it out with an image size that would fit my wooden board. By using the original pictures I could also see where to place my nails in the picture. Much easier than drawing it myself.
  • Then I placed the copy on my wooden board and fasten it with 2 nails.
  • Now it was time to start with hammering the nails into the board. Here you really need to take the time and make sure that the nails can’t move at all. If they are a little bit lose you need to give them another slam or two.
  • When that is done you can remove the copy of your leaf, again very carefully by tear it loose from the nails! You don’t want to remove any nails!
  • And now it’s time to start with your first colour of thread. Because this is my first time of making this kind of picture, I am not going to be wise and tell you the best way to do it. I was looking carefully into the example from the Internet and tried different things. Went two steps forward and one back to start all over for several times. I also tried different colour combinations but ended up with this one.
  • I did photograph as much as possible of my steps so you should be able to see what I have done.


I am not quite convinced that this is the nicest combination of colours. I also like the picture with just one colour. You know what they say: Less is more! But the final result is also very nice I think.

Take a look here above and please leave a comment what you think of it. Would love to hear from you.








    • Marianne Norup Reply

      Ja.. het was best een grote project, maar ook wel leuk om te proberen. Een beetje uitproberen en je krijgt het snel in de vingers. Fijne weekend!

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