Today I made some new dining chair cushions. The old ones were not that pretty anymore and I had a beautifully bright piece of fabric in an ocher yellow color lying in one of my drawers for quite a while.

I wanted to change the cushions for a couple of months now. But I just couldn’t decide which color I wanted. But suddenly I was convinced with this ocher yellow. It’s a beautiful sunny color, not too bright. It brings a little bit of sunshine into the room in this difficult period and is just perfect for now.

Ribcord fabrich in ocher yellow. Thread scissor needles and a measure tape

I reused the filling from the old cushions, but they also needed some extra padding. They were simply not thick enough any longer. I decided to make a pattern in the cushions instead of just cutting a round circle. It also made it a bit more complicated, but I was into a little challenge. At the moment I have time enough.

I only made 4 cushions but I had 36 triangles to sew together. It looked like a little production with all the pieces running through the sewing machine one after another.

The final result

Round cushions in ocher yellow

I am very happy with the result of the new dining chair cushions. Just the way that I wanted them. I am happy that I once bought this fabric. It was actually meant for a big cushion for Alieke but she finally got something else.

I wish you all a nice day. Take care.

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