Seeds – kitchen garden.

Peppers – Zucchini – Radishes – Spring onions – Peas – Lettuce – Cucumber – Basil – Thyme – Oregano – Coriander – Parsley  Sage…..


The spring is here and the sun is shining all over the last couple of day’s, and then I always get the urge to prepare everything in the garden for a beautiful summer. That also means that it’s time to start with the seeds for my kitchen garden.

My daughter helped me the other day with planting the first seeds for my kitchen garden. I love to grow my own herbs and vegetables, but our garden is not very big so I need to make a selection of what I want.

I have received a lot of seeds from family and friends, which didn’t do anything with the seeds or didn’t have the patience of trying to grow them. (You often get them as an extra present in the supermarket here) I love to use them and most of them come out very well.


I would here love to give you a few tips about what I do to get my seeds growing into beautiful vegetables.

  • It all starts with planting the seeds into small organic containers as you see here on the photos.
  • Next, I place the containers into a small sort of ‘glass house’ (which in my case isn’t made of glass but plastic) In there I make sure that they have enough water all the time. Don’t let them dry out and don’t drown them!! I keep the ‘glass house’ inside the house next to a window with a lot of light.
  • When they start to pop out of the soil, I let them grow 4-5 cm before I replant them into a bigger pot where they have the space and chance to grow even bigger.
  • After I replant, I place the plants in a ‘glass house cabinet’ I have in the garden. You can also choose to keep them inside by the window if you don’t have some kind of a ‘glasshouse’) You can also decide if the weather is nice to put them outside in the daytime and back again in the evening. That way they will slowly get use to the outdoor.
  • After a while when they are used to the outside and getting bigger, I decided that they were ready to be planted in the kitchen garden. It depends on the weather and the sort of plant when to remove them to the outside. You can also reed the guiding lines on the package of the seeds when to place them outside.


The seeds you see here on the pictures are only the beginning of my summer kitchen garden. Soon I will buy more so I will have enough for the summer.


Within only a few days, the fist plants already pop out!! I just think it’s amazing every time I see how fast some of them grow.







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