I think we all now and then have some leftovers from our dinners, and most of the times I think it’s a pity to through it out just because it’s not enough for another meal for the whole family.

I have here found a great way ‘What to do with leftovers’ in another meal and it almost doesn’t matter what kind of meal you have left. You can use this recipe in so many ways and combine it with extra vegetables or what you have in your kitchen cabinets ( rice, couscous, pasta or with different kind of cheese.)

This time I had a leftover of pasta with pumpkin and gorgonzola. The dish was perfect as it was, but we couldn’t eat it all and what was left wasn’t enough for all 4 of us the next evening. So I decided to make a Quiche with the leftover.


What to do with leftovers
What to do with leftovers

The word Quiche may sound difficult to make for some people, but is actually very easy.

Here is what I do with my leftovers:
I almost always have some puff pastry (french pastry) in my freezer and for a Quiche, I need 5 layers.

  • First, let the pastry get soft. (5 minutes on the kitchen table should be enough)
  • Then place all 5 layers on top of each other.
  • Add some flour under and above the pastry and roll it out to the right size for your form. (it should be quite thin otherwise it will be difficult to get a crispy bottom)
  • Butter your form and place the pastry.
  • Then you put your leftover in.
  • Beat the eggs with a little bit of milk, salt and pepper.
  • Add the eggs to the leftovers and add some grated cheese on top of it all. (I used some goat cheese, but you can use all different kind of cheese. What you like!)
  • Put the quiche into a warm oven, 200-225 degrees and bake it until you see the pastry gets brown and crispy. (the time all depend on what kind of oven you have and what kind of functions you have to the oven. You might need to bake the quiche extra with more heat from under to get the bottom well done) My quiche was within 20 minutes done.

You can here also choose to serve the quiche with a simple salad next to it.


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