My daughter Alieke, 15 years old, is a very creative girl. She is a typical teenager exploring all kind of things which catches her interest. But unfortunately, she doesn’t have all the time to do what she wants because of school and many times because of distraction from her mobile phone.

When she finds the time, she really surprises me with what she is cable of doing. Like this pair of overall!

Homemade overall from jeans

Last year Alieke was surfing around on Pinterest and was inspired by all the possibilities you can do with old jeans. She was inspired by clothes with a lot of different colours and designed an overall from with different coloured jeans she wanted to make herself.

Drawing jeans overall

The process
She started collecting old jeans in different colours and with a little bit of help from me, she made her own pattern. At first, she didn’t even want to make a pattern. To much trouble, she thought (typical a teenager). But with advice from me, she started dividing a pattern into several pieces.

Jeans to recycle

It was a slow process because of the way she was working. When you are a 14 years old teenager you need to listen to music everywhere and you need to have your phone close to you as well to check all your app’s and messages all the time. “This is the way I work the best” (she told me). But I let her do it her way and didn’t interfere in her way of doing it. Often children learn better by trying something themselves and that was just the way she wanted it. She didn’t want my help, only when she got stuck. She wanted to do it all by herself and so she did (almost).

I am really so proud of her that she pulled this off. She has never had any lessons in making clothes. She has been sewing a few other times on my sewing machine but never made a pair of trousers. And then she wanted to make a complicated overall like this one? That would even for me be a good challenge.

It’s far from a perfect made overall. You can see that it’s homemade and having some funny curves here and there, but who cares?? She loves it, has made it on her own and she looks great in it. When you are that young and confident, you can wear everything and it will look good on you no matter what.

Wearing homemade overall

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